Invitation to authors

Organiser invites the authors to participate at the conference with their professional papers.

The proposed professional papers must comply with the topics of the conference and the lenght of the presentation may be max 10 min.

The Scientific Committee will review each abstract and evaluate its relevance for the conference.

The presenting author will have to register to the conference for the abstract to be presented/published.


The selected paper that will not be able to be presented orally due to the time limit of the conference will be published in the proceedings.


Authors register their participation in the conference via electronic registration at a preferential participation fee.

Applications of professional articles

The applications of the professional articles must contain the title and the summaries of up to a maximum of 10 sentences and information on the authors and co-authors. The number of co-authors is limited to 3. The authors are obliged to submit the summaries and finished professional article using the electronic application below.



Submission of papers for the Proceedings: 01.02.2024.
Submission of Presentations: 01.03.2024

Ceste 2024 Presentation template



Delivery of summary

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  • Please copy the summary into the box provided. Maximum length is 1200 characters.

Instructions to authors

Data on the authors: First and last name, professional training, scientific vocation, e-mail address, name of the institution or company in which the author is employed and a full address of the institution or company.

The papers should be written in the Croatian or English language.

The summary must briefly and summarily inform of the purpose and aim of the article, the new knowledge, methodology, achieved results and conclusions.

The key words must emphasize the purpose and the subject of research

The scope of the paper (together with images, graphs and drawings) should be limited to 12 pages. The pages must have page numbers.

The text must have accurate grammar and no typos. The letter font should be Arial with a 12 point font for the text, 14 points for the chapter titles and 16 points for the title of the paper. The images must have a title and be marked with a number, while below the image the source should be mentioned.

The tables must contain the data necessary to understand the text. They must have a title and be marked with a number. Below the table the source of information must be stated

Notes must be numbered and written at the end of the text, while the numbers must be written without a full stop and brackets

Literature must be specified in the order in which it appears in the text and marked with numbers in square brackets.