O seminaru

Vision & Mission

International Road conference CESTE is a place where the results achieved in the field of development, maintenance and management of roads, as well as road safety are summarized, as well as highlight the innovations in the field of planning, design and innovations in construction technology in our country and in the world. Road traffic is considered to be one of the most important drivers of development in every country, including in our country in Croatia, both economic, tourist, but also social. The fact is that roads and their maintenance in daily life are needed by humans as food and medicine, and that is why we can count on the life of road users and in times of severe economic crisis.

Past conferences and networking are proof that our profession seriously, responsibly and thoroughly examines road traffic issues, and makes efforts to eliminate deficiencies on our roads and traffic infrastructure. Our expert meetings are not only part of the past, they are also part of our day-to-day life, as evidenced by our common conclusions and messages for the future in the realistic circumstances of safer and better daily road traffic in all seasons for our and foreign users of the existing Croatian traffic network. The importance of our gatherings is that we have analyzed and discussed problems related to road safety in practice, with the participation of our and foreign experts with many years of traffic safety experience.

The future of greater road safety from vision to realization is our core task, which is why this area is becoming more attractive and offers good possibilities for planned realization in the near future. In addition to discussing these current topics, one of the main conferences goals of our road meeting is to bring together local and foreign experts, who will exchange their knowledge and experience with discussions, thus providing a quality basis for creating a strategy for quality management and modern road development of all categories.


President: Andreja Feistritzer dipl.oec.

Members: Marko Ševrović Ph.D., Tomislav Pipić dipl.ing., John Leko dipl.ing., Saša Tomašić dipl.ing., Slaviša Babić dipl.ing., Slavko Inić dipl.ing., prof.dr. Tomaž Tollazzi, Veronika Feistritzer oec., Andreas Feistritzer


President: prof.dr.sc. Hrvoje Baričević

Members: Marko Ševrović Ph.D., prof.dr. Osman Lindov, Željko Remenar dipl.ing., Marko Šoštarić Ph.D., Slaviša Babić dipl.ing., Jozo Šitum dipl.ing., mr.sc. Miron Huljak, Ivan Laco dipl.ing., Ivan Molnar dipl.ing., Slavko Inić dipl.ing., prof.dr Goran Mijoski, Silvijo Čamber dipl.ing., Mladen Hranilović dipl.ing., John Leko dipl.ing., Robert Maršanić Ph.D.